Center for agriculture
Mae Sae, Thailand

Designed, Masterplan

Photo: Sandra Köster

The NGO Baan Doi is working with underprivileged children, orphans and kids from poor families, in the very north of Thailand. To be able to be more independent and to produce food for the community, an agriculture centre is going to be realized. The centre will include education-offers for elder kids from Baan Doi and will follow the principles of permaculture.
The 40.000m² building site has lately been used as a rice field. Over the next years several buildings for the farm, a community centre, a family house for administration and some guest houses are going to be built.

The project started with a research trip in September 2018. Six BASEhabitat students and two trainers went to the north of Thailand to get a first impression of the place. During winter term fifteen students developed a master plan and designed the 3 building complexes.

Earthworks were started at the site in Mae Sae in February 2019. The permaculture agriculture can already take place in small scale.
First period of construction of the family house: September 2019 – February 2020.

Students’ project blog

Family House elevation west / elevation south

Photos: Sandra Köster

Photo: Sandra Köster

Photo: Sandra Köster

Photo: Sigi Atteneder

Research and Design
Florian Dessl, Jitka Effenberger, Sascha Faulhaber, Huani Felinto, Valentina Hölzl, Stefanie Hueber, Patricia Jeglitsch, Marion Kohler, Sandra Köster, Johannes Meier, Ines Riess, Victoria Rognard, Alexandra Schartner, Jasmin Steinberg

Design supervision
Sigi Atteneder, Marlene Wagner

Dominik Abbrederis, Pippa Buchanan, Gian Franco Noriega

Baan Doi Home and Healing Center for Children

Karl Zünd Foundation