The way we plan, build and therefore create and shape our living spaces is inextricably connected to ecological, economic, social and political challenges. Above all, significant climatic changes and an eroding social fabric require a fundamental transformation of our thinking and acting. Aware of these challenges, BASEhabitat has been working on sustainable architecture and spatial development for 15 years now, developing exemplary projects. Our goal is that sustainable and socially responsible design-, planning- and project-essentials should go without saying for coming generations of architects.

Our Team
Human interaction shapes the spaces we design and how we operate.

Sigi Atteneder
Head of the studio BASEhabitat Univ.Prof. Mag. Dr.

Ulrike Schwantner
Studio Management
Sen. Scientist DI
+43 676 84 7898 293

Dominik Abbrederis
Construction Site Management
+43 650 731 62 89

Elisabeth Judmaier
Project-Related Assistant
Univ.-Ass. DI

Marta Rota
Assistant Postgraduate Degree

Flavia Matei
Design supervision
Univ.-Ass. DI

Sabine Fehringer
+43 732 7898 - 3293

Maximilian Meindl
Study Assistant

Christian Daschek
Design Supervision
Florian Fend
Design Supervision
Corinne Lopez
Construction Site Management

former team-members

  • Roland Gnaiger
    Head and Founder of BASEhabitat
  • Katharina Doblinger
    Studio Management
  • Corinna König
    Studio Management
  • Wolfgang Fiel
    Project Lead
  • Clemens Quirin
    Studio Management
  • Anna Heringer
    Studio Management

guest lecturers

  • Anirban Banerjee
  • Pippa Buchanan
  • Elisa Engel
  • Alexander Hamedinger
  • Barbara Kolb
  • Günter Langergraber
  • Gian Franco Noriega
  • Martin Rauch
  • Tania Teixera
  • Marlene Wagner
  • Jomo Zeil


In addition to the various project sponsors, listed with the individual projects, BASEhabitat is supported by some essential promoters, who help us to realise our visions!

Karl Zünd Foundation, Altstätten, CH
The Karl Zünd Foundation has been opening new perspectives through the financing of the position of a building manager and supervisor since 2016: further development and professionalism in the international building activities, more educational training for local workers, continuous cooperation in building and research with partners all over the world.
This generous support by Karl Zünd Foundation has given an important incentive for our future work.

DOKA – The Formwork Experts. AT
DOKA is an international acting enterprise with principal office in Amstetten/AT. Since 2016 DOKA is supporting BASEhabitat through a research-cooperation. We appreciate the social engagement of the enterprise as well as the openness for sustainable building materials and the special conditions and requirements in development areas of the world. Lesen Sie einen Artikel von Jens Günther, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung DOKA

Government of Upper Austria, Linz, AT
The “Direktion für Landesplanung, wirtschaftliche und ländliche Entwicklung“ is an important sponsor for our construction projects. With the support of the government of Upper Austria we were able to pay construction materials and local workers.


Lehmbau BOKU
Earthen architectural heritag in Austria

Martin Rauch, Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH

atelier matières à construire

Österreichischer Austauschdienst

ENSAG, école nationale supérieur d’ architecture de Grenoble

International Scientific Committee on Earthen Architectural Heritage

Sand & Lehm
Zöchbauer, Lehmbaumaterialien, Niederösterreich

BASEhabitat is a member of:
Netzwerk Lehm

Partner des:
UNESCO Chair of Earthen Architecture