Juli 2020 – November 2020

EISCH pavilion
Multifunctional space for microfarming and nature garden
Altstätten, Switzerland

Designed, Built

Photo: Kurt Hoerbst

The pavilion project initiated by the Karl Zünd Foundation, is located on the premises of Karl Zünd Systemtechnik. It combines a nature- and a kitchen garden, where a variety of different types of vegetables are grown. The kitchen garden provides vegetables for the staff restaurant of the company Zünd Systemtechnik. People interested can also get a small garden spot to use.

The pavilion is designed to provide shelter from sun and rain, allowing workshops and activities related to the gardening work and to provide a resting space. A wall made of adobe bricks on an elevated open terrace overlooking the nature garden is the main feature of the pavilion. The adobe wall is made of soil excavated from the site and it is defined by openings, niches and shelves which can be used as storage and a seating opportunity. The main challenge of the project is the use of locally available building materials and the reuse of recycled materials from the client’s company and the surrounding area.

Design and construction were carried out by international students of the Postgraduate Degree | BASEhabitat.

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Vegetables in the midst of industry. A garden that combines nature with a kitchen garden and learning. (Kurt Latzer)

Photo: Kurt Hoerbst

Photo: Kurt Hoerbst

Photo: Kurt Hoerbst

Photo: Kurt Hoerbst

“The nature garden is to become a showcase project for ecological sustainability, a place of learning.”

Karl Zünd

Photo: Kurt Hoerbst

Photo: Kurt Hoerbst

Green roof. Photo: Jesus Sanchez

Building the adobe wall. Photo: Marta Rota

Adobe production from local soil. Photos: Marta Rota

Photo: Marta Rota

Design and realization 2020
Adrian Baumberger, Jeyashri Chandrasekaran, Madhura Jamsandekar, Ujjwala Madikekansandra, Nivedita Mehrotra, Bárbara Miranda, Alexandre Nicolas, Tejaswini Krishna Padindala, Juan Romero, Jesús Sánchez Diaz-Hellin, Nathalie Wong, Vivian Velarde, Yaron Ginati, Wendy Mottard

Design supervision and site management
Jan Glasmeier, Marta Rota

Client and sponsor
Karl Zünd Foundation

Dominik Abbrederis, Norbert Ammann, Hans Benzer, Eveline Duda, Christian Giongo, Werner Strub