2016 – 2017

Technological College
Phetchabun, Thailand


The METTA Technological College project was developed to provide secondary education for young people with a focus on technical and artistic skills. The climate in the region of Phetchabun is hot and humid all year round. It also cools down only slightly at night. Therefore, one of the central goals of the design was to create shade and maximise natural ventilation. Based on a tree that optimally fulfils these conditions, various concepts were developed. The essential part of the building is its roof, which, like a treetop, protects against both rain and direct sunlight.
The design proposes a structure of light roofs that span over the classrooms, workshops and administrative buildings. The connecting corridors are also roofed over and, as an additional cooling element, can rainwater from the main roofs. The building system is completed with courtyards where trees provide shade.
In a first construction phase, the simple steel structures of the roofs are erected so that further construction work can then already take place under roof. The parallel corridors and main roofs can vary in their dimensions and be combined with each other in many different ways.

Research and Design
Stefanie Bauer, Karina Eder, Thomas Gruber,
Katharina Hoefler, Elvira Kinzner

Design Supervision
Roland Gnaiger
Marcus Brückner
Michael Zinner

Sigi Atteneder, Jan Glasmeier, Helmut Krapmeier,
Oskar Pankratz, Gregor Radinger, Karlheinz Wagner

Rotary International, Swiss Foundation