LITTLE JOHN’S growing up!
A place for children with special needs
Cisnadioara, Romania


Transilvanian village Photo: asociatia monumentum

Located in the picturesque region of Transilvania, Romania, “Little John’s” is a secure home for children and young adults with special needs. The organisation coordinating the project is providing either temporary housing and care, as well as permanent residence and care for the current 6 residents at “Little John’s”. In addition, “Little John’s” engages in the local community of Cisnadioara and its surroundings, offering regular free of charge activities and workshops, as well as an ongoing annual summerschool for children with special needs.

As the need for such programs is growing in the region, so must “Little John’s”. The almost 3000 m² site that the NGO currently manages, will accommodate a new multi-functional centre designated to host the “Little John’s” growing programs, summerschools and activities.
The 2-stories multi-functional centre will offer on the ground floor a large hall for group activities, flexible to partition according to the various programs, 2 seminar rooms for private sessions, sanitary facilities and a terrace. The upper floor is designated for volunteers and guests.

An important part of the design will be the relation of the new “Little John’s” centre to the local community in Cisnadioara. Our team of BASEhabitat students will analyse and draw inspiration from the traditional Transilvanian architecture and building culture, the materials and techniques used and integrate them into their designs. The project will have to integrate the local cultural heritage, but also accommodate the needs of modern life and the special needs of the “Little John’s” residents and guests. In order to ensure an optimal and healthy indoor climate, we will focus on local, sustainable materials. Special attention will be given to light, orientation and air circulation.

Little John's

Elisa Berker

Project Elisa Berker 'Little Seven'

Elisa Berker

Project Elisa Berker 'Little Seven'

Project Nadine Dajanovic 'Open Doors'

Project Anna Dienberg 'Little John's Hood'

Project Semjon Fehr 'The Siblings'

Project Carlos Rocha 'John's Care'

Project Lukas Kallinich 'The Snake'

Project Barbara Beetz 'The Nest'

Little John’s Foundation

Design Supervision
Flavia Matei, Teresa König, Sigi Atteneder

Stefan Vaida, asociatia monumentum
Christiane Feuerstein, Ewald Reinthaler
Dominik Abbrederis

Karl Zünd Foundation