2020 – 2020

A new home for 'Über den Tellerrand'
Linz, Austria

kitchen and bar

© Kurt Hoerbst

The Kitchen Hub in Linz is a unique meeting place for people of different nations, a place where people meet, learn, cook and eat together. Über den Tellerrand can loosely be translated as ‘cooking outside the box’. In their own words this explained what they are doing: “cooking and bringing together people from all over the world, overcoming barriers and helping strangers to become friends”.

In a short time, the team of BASEhabitat postgraduate students completely transformed a former sports club into a welcoming, multifunctional space – the KitchenHub Linz, a new home for the NGO Über den Tellerrand.

A bar ist the new heart of the rooms. It has been transformed from a narrow and closed element into an open and accessible bar that interacts with the seating area and the new tea – and coffee – corner. Along the large windows a set of shelves and flexible box-elements was created, that can be used as chairs or tables, for chatting or reading. A new flexible platform can easily be transformed from a stage to a cosy, arabic-style sitting area and to a boardgame table constellation. The wardrobe is hidden in the side wall of this niche

The students built the new furniture for the space reusing the existing elements as a source of material, thus applying circular construction principles.

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A new, flexible platform can be easily transformed from a stage to a cosy, Arabic-style sitting area and to a boardgame table constellation.

© Kurt Hoerbst

© Alexandre Nicolas

By breaking down the top of the bar and replacing the massive shelves on the back walls with much lighter panels that showcase the collection of kitchen utensils. The bar area opens up more to the seating area creating a better flow of functional use. © Kurt Hoerbst

The shelves provide storage for a set of polygon-shaped boxes, that can get arranged in different constellations.

Photo: Kurt Hoerbst, Sketch: Jesus Sanchez

NGO Über den Tellerrand

Design Supervision
Nina Pawlicki

Team of woodworkshop at University of Art and Design Linz

Design and Realization
Adrian Baumberger, Jeyashri Chandrasekaran, Madhura Jamsandekar, Ujjwala Madikekansandra, Nivedita Mehrotra, Bárbara Miranda, Alexandre Nicolas, Tejaswini Krishna Padindala, Juan Romero, Jesús Sánchez Diaz-Hellin, Nathalie Wong, Vivian Velarde, Yaron Ginati, Wendy Mottard

NGO Über den Tellerrand