2021 – 2021

A pavillion in the Botanical Garden Linz
Linz, Austria


Pavillion in the nature garden. Photo: Kurt Hoerbst

The Botanical Garden in Linz is one of the most beautiful and species-diverse gardens in Austria: on approximately 4.2 hectares, around 10,000 different plant species can be seen, different biotopes can be discovered and unique areas can be experienced. Various events and exhibitions around the year ensure a diverse and entertaining program for the residents of Linz and for all the guests of the Botanical Garden.

This year BASEhabitat is enriching the Botanical Garden with a new construction: a pavilion made of all-natural materials is being built and integrated into the impressive garden landscape. The compact pavilion offers a sitting area, opens up to various green oases within the surroundings and provides exhibition and information areas for visitors of all ages.

The central design theme was the fine line between object and context, as well as investigating the symbiosis between man-made architecture and placemaking and the green, natural landscape of the Botanical Garden. Carefulness and tranquility characterize the new place. The pavilion does not appear ostentatious, it does not intrude, but rather brings the diverse biotopes of the garden to the foreground. The new built intervention is in harmony with the surrounding and humbly complements the existing qualities of the Botanical Garden.


Ground Plan

Photos: Kurt Hoerbst

Photos: Kurt Hoerbst

Magistrat der Landeshauptstadt Linz
Stadtgrün und Straßenbetreuung
Abt. Botanischer Garten und Naturkundliche Station

Design Supervision
Sigi Atteneder, Flavia Matei, Marta Rota

Construction Management
Dominik Abbrederis

Karl-Heinz Wagner, Klaus Hagenauer

Nadine Dajanovic, Flora Kirnbauer, Monika Reddemann

Moritz Berger, Nadine Dajanovic, Semjon Fehr, Flora Kirnbauer, Monika Reddemann

friendship association of the botanical garden Linz
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