Juni 2020

Cultural venue
Muntlix, Austria

Haegi Wendls Haus

Thinking further about space and home

Hägi Wendls, a house with a history dating back to 1820, where at times fourteen people lived and worked together, is to be given a new use. Living for a family and a large open area for culture, exchange, communication and experiment in Muntlix.
The hayloft will become a cultural space.
The biggest challenge is to preserve the old building fabric and adapt it for the present, a house conversion with clay, wood and straw.
The knowledge of local craftsmen and their willingness to engage in experimentation is essential.

Master Students of Architecture | BASEhabitat plan and build one term on the building site.

Project blog

Entkernung und Einfügen neuer Elemente

Inserting new elements into the existing structure, Photo: Martin Schachenhofer

“We are opening our doors, to let arise a place for burning issues and the development of ideas. A place for lectures and concerts, for restaurants and agriculture, for a think tank and handicraft workshop.”

Silvia Keckeis & Johannes Lampert (Baufamilie)

Start of the construction in October 2020. Photo: Dominik Abbrederis

Work on a trasslime floor. Photo: Dominik Abbrederis

Producing light loam bricks. Photo: Martin Schachenhofer

Photo: Martin Schachenhofer

Photo: Martin Schachenhofer

Photo: Martin Schachenhofer


Building plans in use, Photo: Keckeis/Lampert

Silvia Keckeis, Johannes Lampert

Martin Mackowitz

Construction site management
Dominik Abbrederis

Building Practise
Annika Hock, Daniela Lockowandt, Flora Kirnbauer, Franziska Brandenstein, Jamie Wagner, Julia Treitinger, Lena Teufl, Maximilian Meindl, Monika Reddemann, Yuti Kainz

Sponsors and Partners
LEADER-Region Vorderland-Walgau-Bludenz
Lehm-Ton-Erde Baukunst GmbH
Zöchbauer Sand und Lehm
Karl Zünd Foundation