Master's Thesis at Trienal de Lisboa
A regenerative design for the rural Amazon region in Brazil

The master's thesis of BASEhabitat graduate Patricia Jeglitsch was selected for the Lisbon Treinnale and will be exhibited in Portugal until the end of 2022.

In her master's thesis Ka'akyr, Patricia Jeglitsch deals with a design for a training and research centre in the rural Amazon region to make agroforestry a source of income for the indigenous population.

The Ka'akyr Community Centre in the small Brazilian village community of São João do Carú aims to create lasting socio-economic improvement for small farmers in the region by integrating agroforestry methods into local agricultural activities. The protection and reforestation of the rainforest and the strengthening of indigenous communities are central aspects of the project. The community centre offers education and training opportunities in the areas of sustainable agricultural use and the creation of secondary forests. A public library will help with educational work to provide an understanding of the need for the rainforests and indigenous life, and contribute to curbing racism against indigenous peoples.


Ka'kayr Jeglitsch