BASEhabitat Hybrid Summer School


July 12-16 2021


Muntlix, Austria

Net+Working Hybrid Summer School

NET+WORKING stands for online exchange, networking and hands-on activities on a construction site.

While we were working with BASEhabitat students at the project “Hägi Wendls” in Austria with earth and lime, we have connected virtually with construction sites around the globe. An inspiring exchange about different experience in building with natural building materials.

Anmischen von Kalkputz

Lehmputz mit Kuhdung

The hybrid summer school was a great opportunity for hands-on learning, working on a real BASEhabitat project, and inspiring networking with our partners and friends around the globe. The network is growing...

Ulrike Schwantner (Management)

Arbeit am Stampflehmboden

lime (Christian Giongo)
clay plaster (Carlos Covarrubias)
rammed earth floor (Dominik Abbrederis)

Sabine Fehringer, Marta Rota, Ulrike Schwantner, Natalie Thompson

Some lectures in retrospect…

Learn more about the project Hägi Wendls

Online Lectures:
Wall to Ground to Wall – Earth as a Circular Material / Tania Teixeira
Community Driven Projects / Nripal Adhikary (ABARI)
Building with Earth on an Organic Farm / Ahmed Abdelgawad (Hand Over)
Critical Reflections on Social Architecture / Nutan Jaeger
Redesign of Domestic Violence Shelters / Joana Torres (oficina design)
H&M Homestay / Shahveer Irani (Put Your Hands Together)
Sustainable Innovation of Rammed Earth Construction / Giada Giuffrida
Ceramic Waste as Architectural Material / Caroline Cheng (Yi Design)
Designing and Building a 17th Century Scottish Creel House / Tom Morton & Becky Little
Mechanical properties of existing cob walls / Alejandro Jimenez Rios
Furniture Objects & Interior Design with Raw Earth / Gian Franco Noriega (amàco)
On Site at Haegi Wendls / BASEhabitat
Regeneration of Traditional Persian Earth Plaster, Pedagogy and Hands-on Experiences / Aida Zare
An Attempt to Modernize the Tradtional Cob / François Streiff (CobBauge)