BASEhabitat @ Triennal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
Terra: Multiplicity and Cycles

BASEhabitat @ Architektur Triennale in Lissabon 2022

Terra - a call to action facing climate cha(lle)nges, resource depletion and inequalities. For a new balance between communities, resources and processes, we propose a paradigm shift from cities-as-machines to cities-as-organisms.

The Lisbon Triennal 2022 showcases design and research projects related to "terra" - searching for new paradigms in architecture and urban development. The Master Thesis of the BASEhabitat Master student Patricia Jeglitsch "Ka'akyr" has been selected for the exhibition on "multiplicities". The BASEhabitat project Haegi Wendls is part of a research publication with contributions of different universities under the title of "cycles".

Terra looks into communities throughout the world to embrace our common home, planet Earth. How do resource depletion, socio-economic inequalities, and climate alter-actions intertwine at different scales? Terra is a call to action inspired by shared local insights from around the globe with the potential to transform the current fragmented linear system of cities-as-machines into a circular holistic model of cities-as-organisms. The result of a three-year-long collective exploration is an exchange of knowledge and practices that generously imagines a more sustainable future where new paradigms reinvent our ways of place-making on a globalised planet.