public spaces in informal settlements


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In Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, 75% of the people live in informal neighborhoods.In the densely built bairros, a lot of private life takes place on the streets, while at the same time public spaces are often only unclaimed spaces with precarious infrastructure.

Students developed in cooperation with the Austrian planning office SuperWien and their local partners in Maputo different architectural interventions to turn these squares into attractive centers of the neighborhood, meeting places for different groups of people, spaces for commercial activities, culture, learning and sports.

The basis for the planning was developed by Super Wien in a comprehensive analysis and in several participatory workshops with the neighborhood, local stakeholders and the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane. Based on this, BASEhabitat students developed their projects with feedback from the project partners and students from Maputo.

The students’ designs for the bairros Mavalane A and B, Nsalene and Maxaquene A are inspiration for the “Maputo Urban Transformation Project”.

Selection of student’s projects
Circular model
Campo Ativo
Comm in Base

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Moritz Berger
Yakut Dogan
Aaron Eckert
Christine Gärtner
Lea Hartmann
Arno Hashem
Mia Mareike Hemmerling
Lorena Paulitschek

Design Supervision
Sigi Atteneder, Christian Daschek, Florian Fend

Carla Cortês, Shila De Morais, Ricardo Miguel Rosão

SuperWien Urbanism ZT