2021 – 2022

outdoor play element for toddlers
Linz, Austria


Outdoor furniture for toddlers

The childcare facility of the Linz University of the Arts, KuKi-Kiste, uses a roof terrace in the university building and can thus quickly get out into the fresh air. However, the terrace offers only very limited play opportunities. Bachelor students of architecture took the opportunity to design and implement an outdoor play element with BASEhabitat. In May 2022, Kukuk was inaugurated.

KUKUK! offers space to play and romp, there are small corners to sit, shady places to relax or linger. The structure’s staircase and slide are designed to encourage movement. But KUKUK also appeals to all the senses. Barefoot boxes can be filled with different (self-collected) materials, herbs and strawberries can grow in planting boxes. The children can feel their way through hanging ribbons of colorful truck tarpaulins and there are many opportunities for interaction.

It is a Bachelor’s project of first year’s students in Linz.

Photo Verena Henetmayr

Photo Verena Henetmayr

Photo Verena Henetmayr

Photo Franziska Scheirl

Sophia Eder, Franziska Scheirl

Design supervision
Flaiva Matei, Christian Daschek

Site management
Christian Daschek

Lisa Ackerl, Sophia Eder, Merlin Großmann, Anna Kirchmair, Franziska Scheirl

KuKi Kiste, University of Arts Linz