2013 – 2014

BA:CAN housing
research and design proposals
Ecuador and Colombia

Designed, Research

Photo: ba:can

The research and design work for ba:can – Bamboo Construction on the Ecuadorian Coast – was made up of two phases. The first phase was three months of basic research in Colombia and Ecuador, including measuring sixteen bamboo houses on the Ecuadorian coast.

The second phase involved reworking the information documented during the trip and incorporating this information into two detailed architectural designs. ‘Casas Urbanas’ deals with showcasing the increasing density of the coastal town San Vincente, and ‘Pueblos Calleros’ looks for an answer to the problem of safe living spaces in ribbon-built villages along the large arterial highways.

Project: Andrea Hilmbauer-Hofmacher, Photo: Philipp Steiner

Photo: ba:can

“It's raining; that is the only reason we are allowed to stay here and sketch. Cameras everywhere. Photos are not allowed. The security forces fear attacks. I hope it continues to rain. We continue to sketch. It's getting dark. The rain continues to fall.”

Tagebucheintrag, Sophie Schrattenecker

Project and Photo: Sophie Schrattenecker

Andrea Hilmbauer-Hofmarcher, Sophie Schrattenecker, Jessica Tschurnig

Desisgn Supervision
Roland Gnaiger, Birgit Kornmüller, Michael Zinner, Jorgé Morán

Universidad Católica Guayaquil, Facultad de Arquitectura

Blue Award 2016