Wooden construction - a status report
Stefan Leitner - Guest Lecture

BASEhabitat Lecture Series #4

Wedneday, Dec. 13, 2023, 6:00-8:00 pm
Sofahörsaal 4.OG

diearchitektur, University of Arts Linz
Hauptplatz 6, 4020 Linz

In view of the increasingly noticeable consequences of climate change, it is clear that we cannot continue building as we have done up to now. Wood offers a real and, above all, scalable alternative to CO2-intensive building materials such as concrete, steel and brick. Despite many tested and proven standard solutions, wood as a building material still invites experimentation thanks to its easy workability. In a short presentation, Stefan Leitner will show where timber construction currently stands and where it is heading from today's perspective. In addition to an input from Stefan Leitner, questions that he is frequently confronted with in timber construction consulting will also be discussed: Do we even have enough wood? How ecological are timber constructions really? How long do timber constructions actually last?

Stefan Leitner /proHolz Upper Austria

proHolz Oberösterreich is an initiative of the Upper Austrian forestry and timber industry. For more than 15 years, Stefan Leitner has been advising and supporting clients, planners and contractors in their timber construction projects as a timber construction consultant. He represents timber construction in several committees of the Austrian Standards Institute and is head of  the Technical Commission of the European Timber Construction Association TCE (Timber Construction Europe).