Care taking in the field of housing
Christiane Feuerstein - Guest Lecture

BASEhabitat Lecture Series #3

Wednesday 29, 2023, 5-7 pm (CET)

Sofahörsaal 4.OG
diearchitektur, Kunstuniversität Linz
Hauptplatz 6, 4020 Linz

New spatio-temporal structures are emerging as a result of the transformation process triggered by digitalisation. Activities associated with working life are moving entirely or temporarily into the home, which is still associated with privacy in everyday life and is becoming a place for a variety of activities across all age groups. The new arrangements of activities and their spatial organisation change the allocation of functions - such as sleeping, bathing, eating, cooking, etc. - and rooms (as in the past). - and spaces (as in the past). - and spaces (as practised in the past).

The lecture looks at the complex and reciprocal relationships between the caring activities of different actors, the organisation of (domestic) work, the development of overarching social formations and urban infrastructures in their historical development.

It is based on the article "Caring in Housing" in the publication 2022 edited by Christine Hannemann, Nicola Hilti and Christian Reutlinger "Wohnen. Twelve key themes of research on socio-spatial housing".