Guest Lecture
Luxury for all? A critical look at Vienna's social housing

Guest lecture Dec. 19, 2022  postponed to the beginning of 2023

Christina Schraml lives and works as an urban researcher in Vienna. Her projects are located at the intersection of urbanism, cultural studies, and women's and gender studies. She completed the European Urban Cultures program as well as a degree in philosophy. Since 2012 she has been teaching at the Department of Social Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Housing is a basic human need. It involves much more than having a roof over one's head. It is about our vision of society, issues of co-existence, neighbourhood, collective access to (social) infrastructure, etc. With a critical look at social housing in Vienna from Red Vienna to the present, the lecture offers impulses to reflect on the right to housing and, in a broader sense, the right to the city.

Christina Schraml is a Vienna-based urbanist, whose interdisciplinary projects are situated at the intersection urbanism and arts/culture. Since 2012 she has been teaching and researching as a senior scientist at the Social Design department at the University of
Applied Arts Vienna with a focus on public space, urban culture, housing utopias and forms of coexistence. Christina is interested in urban phenomena, cities and their people, and the gap between the actual and the possible.