Architecture from southern Africa
Examples of Contemporary Architecture

The European view of southern Africa remains shaped by colonialist thought patterns to this day. The building tradition in this region, based on materials that are constantly renewed (and renewable), has made it possible to create the impression of a place without any architectural history worth mentioning. Africa is still seen as a canvas onto which architects from the global North can project their visions. These prejudices also mean that contemporary architects from this region do not enjoy the international reputation they deserve.

Elisa Engel presents contemporary architectural examples in an attempt to correct this distorted image a little. Elisa Engel is an architect and co-founder of Citizen Architects in London. In addition to BASEhabitat, she teaches at universities in England. She grew up in Germany and Eswatini and has lived in South Africa and Botswana.

BASEhabitat is participating in the Entwicklungspolitische Hochschulwochen Linz with this lecture.

Mo. Nov. 11, 2021
3-4:30 pm

Kunstuni Linz, Hauptplatz 6
OG 4, Sofahörsaal