Tatiana Bilbao Estudio
Expostition in the Architekturzentrum Wien, Austria

This exposition shows the work and philosophy of the architect Tatiana Bilbao and her office.

Tatiana Bilbao (b. 1972, Mexico City) researches and interprets the historical culture and building traditions of Mexico as well as each project’s immediate context. The exhibition explores various dimensions of ‘landscape’, which give direction to the studio’s work — from natural or urban scapes to the ‘inner landscape’ of each individual building.
Bilbao’s work is highly diverse and frequently produced in collaboration with other architects, landscape architects and artists: from a pilgrimage route in Mexico via botanical gardens in Culiacán, to housing developments. Her projects are driven by environmental and social thinking, but also by great poetry. As Tatiana Bilbao says: “When you come from a country where many people have very little in the way of economic resources, you are used to not wasting them.”

The exposition at Museumsquartier in Vienna
is open until February 07, 2022