• Workshop DHAKA

    Hands-on workshop on modern earthen structures and sustainable architecture  / February 2009 / Dhaka, Bangladesh

more information on Dhaka workshop

  • Workshop LINZ

    Als Vorbereitung zum ITHUBA Bauprojekt testeten die Studierenden Strohleichtlehmwände / Herbst 2009 / Linz

more information on Linz workshop

  • Workshop Altmünster

    A small straw & earth pavilion, built during the Summer School 2014, has been plastered in autumn 2014. Direction: Stefan Neumann and Thomas Hagelstein.

  • Workshop amàco

    As a preparation on the builiding exercise in India we did a workshop on earthen architecture in January 2015, focussing on adobes and plastering. Direction: Gian Franco Noriega (amàco).