• Workshop ERDIG 2018

    The exhibition of the terra award 2016 - the selection of international finalists - was presented in Linz. BASEhabitat realized together with the afo the design of the exhibition "erdig§, using 120 years old recycled earth bricks.

    Trainer: Dominik Abbrederis

    Partner: afo

    Sponsor: Sand und Lehm

  • Workshop AFO 2018

    The afo (architekturforum oberösterreich) invited us to create a rammed earth floor in a conference room. It should become a visible and sensual example of a natural earth floor.

    Trainer: Hanno Burtscher, Dominik Abbrderis

    Partner: afo

    Sponsor: Sand und Lehm

  • Workshop ALTMÜNSTER 2017

    The aim of this workshop was to teach students how to plaster with earth, on different surfaces and under different conditions (indoor/outdoor). We also did various experiments with local earth from Altmünster.

    Trainer: Dominik Abbrederis

  • Workshop LEISENHOF 2015

    This 2-days workshop was starting with earth excavation and analysis directly at Leisenhof. A raw brick wall was then plastered with earth anf different rammed earth bricks were produced.

    Trainer: Kai Längle mit Unterstützung

    Partner: kolletiv.LEHM.erleben

  • Workshop AMÀCO 2015

    As a preparation on the builiding exercise in India we did a workshop on earthen architecture in January 2015, focussing on adobes and plastering.

    Trainer: Gian Franco Noriega (amàco)

    Sponsor: Claytec

  • Workshop ALTMÜNSTER 2014

    A small straw & earth pavilion, built during the Summer School 2014, has been plastered in autumn 2014. The main challenge was to find an ideal earth-plaster for the outside surfaces.

    Trainer: Stefan Neumann and Thomas Hagelstein.

  • Workshop SCHLINS 2012

    The workshop was initiated to respond to the direct demand of the students, to provide them with practical and theoretical knowledge for upcoming projects. During the workshop the students were taught how to mix various clay plasters and how to do rammed-earth floors, simultanously discussed and improved details for current projects.

    Trainer: Martin Rauch

    Sponsor: Lehm Ton Erde

  • Workshop LINZ 2009

    Preparing hands-on workshop for the project ITHUBA (South Africa). 25 students tested a light straw-clay-mix at the entrance hall of the University of Art Linz.

    This straw-clay-mix affords an excellent heat insulating effect. In Johannesburg / South Africa the outside temperature can go down to 0 degree in winter. Insulation provides a good indoor climate in winter and summer.

    Trainer: Elias Rubin

    Sponsor: DOKA

  • Workshop DHAKA 2009

    75 participants (among them leading architects of Bangladesh) built an information-pavilion for the Eco Housing Project of the HBRI within nine days. The amazing interest and ambition of the Bangladeshi architects shows how fruitful the joined efforts of developing modern earthen structures can be.

    Trainer: Martin Rauch, Anna Heringer

    Partner: IAB (Institute of Architects in Bangladesh) HBRI (Housing and Building Research Institute)

  • Workshop EDER 2008

    The brick factory EDER has been supporting BASEhabitat since its very early days. The first workshop at the brick factory was a testing field and an interesting oportunity of exchange. Raw bricks directly from the press were used to build different wall elements.

    Trainer: Martin Rauch, Anna Heringer

    Partner: EDER