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With a donation of 10.000,- Euro we are able to cover the costs for the construction of a house for families of up to three generations.


BASEhabitat has started to work with the leprosy colony of Sunderpur in 2012. After an initial plan for the future development of the village, our first project was to build a house for teachers. PHOOLNA has been inaugurated in August this year.


Having been established by a member of the congregation of Mother Teresa, the village is now home to about 1.000 inhabitants and is located close to Bihar´s border with Nepal. 


Over the years, the existing housing has grown long in the tooth, and often accommodates why too many inhabitants in tiny spaces. For this reason, we´ve set our current mission to design and build 10 structures for households of 5 to 10 inhabitants.

HOUSING Sunderpur – Start of construction: February 2016.


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To realise our projects we are dependent on the successful requirement of third party funds.


Your donation is a special expense according to the income tax law and can be discounted.


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