In addition to the various project sponsors, listed with the individual projects, BASEhabitat is supported by some essential promoters, who help us to realise our visions!

DOKA  - The Formwork Experts. AT

DOKA is an international acting enterprise with principal office in Amstetten/AT. Since 2016 DOKA is supporting BASEhabitat through a research-cooperation. We appreciate the social engagement of the enterprise as well as the openness for sustainable building materials and the special conditions and requirements in development areas of the world.


PANCIVIS Foundation Liechtenstein

Pancivis Foundation Liechtenstein is a major promoter of BASEhabitat since 2012. Thanks to this generous support it became possible to take steps into a new direction, as for example with the organization of the international Summer School. The means from the foundation were very relevant for strengthening and professionalizing our work.

Karl Zünd Foundation, Altstätten, CH

The Karl Zünd Foundation is opening new perspectives through the financing of the position of a building manager and supervisor from 2016 on: further development and professionalism in the international building activities, more educational training for local workers, continuous cooperation in building and research with partners all over the world.

This generous support by Karl Zünd Foundation will give an important incentive for our future work.

Logo Karlzündstiftung