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Erschwinglich gut behaust

Idee und Konzept: Roland Gnaiger
Werk- und Detailplanung: Roland Gnaiger, Marcus Brückner

Projektkoordination: Marcus Brückner



Holzbau: Hans-Christian Obermayr, Schwanenstadt

Tragwerk: Karlheinz Wagner, Wien
Haustechnik: New Energy Consulting, J. Obermayer, Linz

Bauphysik: Wolfgang Kögelberger, Haibach

Brandschutz: Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung, Gerhard Leibetseder, Linz

Bau: Deutsche Projektbau, Helmut Brückner, D-Alzenau


Dokumentation: Katja Seifert Illustrationen, Linz

Videodarstellung: Margit Greinöcker


Modellbau: Marcus Brückner, Corinna König

AllQuartier* - with architecture against shortage of space

The project AllQuartier* offers homes for all social groups and focuses on social variety and integration. The objective is to realise economic housing with high quality - for the inhabitants and the society. To economise at the right points, not at the expense of quality of life, of future generations or the environment.

 Questions of comfort and housing standards have to be seen in a new context. How far can we go, simplifying and reducing costs? What makes sense and which measures are just shifting expenses?


How can we deal with the dramatically increasing demand on basic housing, not creating substandard houses on the long run, or even homes that end up at the garbage dump.

How can we build homes that enhance social integration, homes that are flexible and can be adapted to the changing needs of their inhabitants?


All these questions are important in the development of new houses, starting from the first ideas in the design up to the treatment of the surfaces, including urbanistic questions as well as models of rental agreements. We need to re-think many details.